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sandieluvsbears 01-14-2011 10:54 AM

Oreo Cheesecake BITES
36 OREO Cookies, divided

1/2 cup butter or margarine, divided

4 pkg. (8 oz. each) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened

1 cup sugar

1 cup BREAKSTONE'S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream

1 tsp. vanilla

4 eggs

4 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate

HEAT oven to 325F.
LINE 13x9-inch baking pan with foil, with ends extending over sides. Finely crush 24 cookies. Melt 1/4 cup butter; mix with crumbs. Press onto bottom of prepared pan.
BEAT cream cheese and sugar with mixer until blended. Add sour cream and vanilla; mix well. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating after each just until blended. Chop remaining cookies. Gently stir into batter; pour over crust.
BAKE 45 min. or until center is almost set. Cool. Meanwhile, microwave chocolate and remaining butter in microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1 min.; stir until smooth. Cool slightly; spread over top of cheesecake. Refrigerate 4 hours. Use foil handles to lift cheesecake from pan before cutting to serve.

If you wipe the knife clean and moisten a little between cuts they will cut alot better, with alot less crumbs and buildup on the knife.

ajrsmom 01-21-2011 06:25 PM

Sounds delicious! :)

seleach 02-28-2011 11:59 PM

Harleychic has given this recipe a blue ribbon.

Congrats sandieluvsbears! These sound good. I will have to try them.

Thanks Lisa for being a recipe tester and testing this recipe.

harleychic 03-01-2011 09:55 AM

It was great! Everyone at my church just loved them and kept going back for more. It may be because I had cut them in bite sizes. Anyhow, it was an easy recipe, but it took me approx. 2 hrs from beginning to into the oven. After crushing a few cookies manually, I rezlized that I had a food processor (that I haven't used in ages!) that could do the job in no time at all. It worked great to get the crumbs finely crushed. I was confused at the beginning though when it said the cookies were to be divided. It didn't say anything about what to do with the center of the cookies. So I just nibbled a little and then threw the rest away. I'm assuming that was the right thing to do since they came out great.

bar_bar 03-01-2011 09:57 AM

:woohoo:way to go Lisa,:woohoo:

will have to try these...


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