Sponge Cake ( genoise) with Rich Chocolate Buttercream

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  • Sueanne.. I 'm so glad you liked it.. it's such a great easy cake to make and it's so flavorful and light.... Did you frost it or use Confectioner's sugar....

    You can freeze some of it or share with a neighbor....*s*
  • Chocolate Cake
    Jeannie~~~~ Did not have to frost it since I am trying to diet. lol
    This cake just hit the spot for my sweet tooth. I will give the other half to my DS when he comes to visit. Will cut and keep slices in the freezer to enjoy as a snack. Sent the recipe to my friends too. Thanks again.
  • You're very welcome, Sueanne.. I'm glad you liked it that much.. it's so neat when you find a recipe that easy and it's that good! *s* Now, I have to go make one too! LOL