Apple Sauce Cake

  • I would like to share a recipe I got out of a 1911 issue of our Local newspaper. I am going to the courthouse and using their microfilm copy I am going to collect all the old recipes, cooking hints and tips, cleaning tips and hints and recipe, crafts and any other article that should catch my fancy. I will also make sure that items that are not used today will have a substitute so the recipie can be used. Most of the recipes I have seen so far do not have a oven temperature but I am used to using a wood cook stove so that is not a problem for me. For others I will probibly look up a simalar recipe and just use that temperater. I hope to have them all read up to 1950 before the first of december. I will put them into the computer as I go along and then make a book of them all by date and give a book to my daughter and keep one for myself. I have some friends who I think would like to have the book also. The recipe below is from the first isue that they have on microfilm.

    Apple Sauce Cake
    Cream one cup sugar, one-half cup shortening, and one-quarter teaspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon of cloves, one teaspoon of cassia, one-third teaspoon of nutmeg. Dissolve one teaspoon soda in a little hot water, add one cup sour apple sauce to it, letting it foam over ingredients. Add one and three-quarter cups four, one cup raisins. Bake 45 minutes.

    I would assume you would use a 350 degree oven but does anyone know what cassia would be today?

    Thanks for the help
  • Well I should have gone to wickpedia first and then I would have known what Cassia is. That is the name for Cinnamon. :0) At least now I know where to get my information. lol