Spanish Country Bread

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  • This recipe was originally posted in What’s for Dinner January 2008 by: barbszy
    Spanish Country Bread for the Bread Machine

    1 1/4 cup warm water
    1 tbl salt
    3 1/4 cups bread flour
    1 tbl yeast

    I used the dough cycle, shaped into a loaf, and baked it in my Baparoma pan which gives a great crust on a long loaf.
  • What is a Baparoma pan?
  • A Baparoma is a 3-piece bread-baking pan. There is a solid, grooved bottom. You put a certain amount of water in each of 3 grooves. Then there is a flat, perforated insert where the bread dough sits. Finally, a domed lid fits over the top. The water in the bottom part turns to steam during the baking and allows a nice crust to develop on all sides of the bread.


  • Barb, does the bread come out with a crispy crust? I have not been able to get a decent crusty bread since leaving the Northeast. If so, where can I get one of these bread pans?

  • Kathy, you get a fabulous crispy crust with this pan. Get 2 if you can, since they make a small baguette, so a regular bread recipe really should be divided among 2 pans (though I have done it in one with quite good results).
  • It looks really neat. I have a stone baguette bread pan I use a lot. I get a nice crispy crust with it.
  • Kathy, I forgot to answer "where do you get this pan?" I had to go on ebay to get one. Some of them have 5 pieces instead of 3 so you can cook certain meats or fish in them.
  • barbszy...Surprised there is no shortening in the recipe. Do you grease the bread before putting in the pans? Thanks for sharing about the baparoma pan.
  • Sueanne, I brush a little oil on the pan.

    You can bake this on a cookie sheet if you want; I just flour the cookie sheet a bit so the bread does not stick. On a cookie sheet, bake 35 minutes at 375.
  • Barb, I did a google search last night and found out the manufacturer doesn't make them anymore - boohoo! I found out that you can only get them on ebay these days. When I checked last night, none were available. I will definitely keep trying, though. I REALLY miss crisp, crusty bread!