Onion Soup Bread

  • as posted by danstigerangel in the November 2004 What's for Dinner? thread.

    Onion Soup Bread

    1 cup and 2 T hot water (115-125 degrees F)
    2 T oil
    2 T sugar
    3 cups bread floour
    2 T dry onion soup mix
    4 and 1/2 t Yeast (why don't they just convert it? 3 t equals 1 T!)

    Measure and add liquid ingredinets into the bread pan.
    Measure aand add dry ingredients. Form a well and
    add yeast. Close the lid, etc.
    This bread can be made on your express button or your quick bread button!

    Yield: one 1.5 lb loaf

    Lauri's notes: The bread is awesome. BTW, when it says 3 T for the 2# loaf, I buy generic onion soup mix, and it took the whole pack. If anyone needs the recipe for the 2 lb loaf, please let me know!