Anyone Interested In Exchanging Books Or Such

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  • I saw the words Book SWAP and though it was a way to exchange books. Heather has such exchanges at school but of course I have no way to pass on books and magazines I have read. Anyone interested please let me know.
  • I'd love to swap books, they are taking over my house!!
  • I'm always interested in swapping books. How many and what types?
  • Postage On Book Exchanges
    Be sure to have these sent "Media Mail" it is much cheaper than mailing First Class or even Parcel Post. Any books, CDs, DVD's, VHS tapes and magazines are eligible for this type mailing.

  • I'd be interested in swapping books also. I did have a ton sitting here, but just brought them to a used book store for credit.

    Otherwise, I do have some more fiction books sitting here that I've just read, plus I even have cookbooks that I'd be willing to swap.

    Who would organize this swap? How would it work?

  • Hi gals,

    I'm interested in a book swap. I guess we could PM each other on what we want/or have.

    Or maybe we could list what we are interested in getting or giving here and then, if we see something we like, we can PM that person with our address info.

    I have lots and lots of books. I really need to purge.

    Any suggestions on how to set this up wopuld be appreciated.

    Big Hugs,
  • Sorry about the back to back posts.

    Anna, is "media mail" the same as "book rate"?

    If it wasn't terribly expensive, maybe we could do this over and over.
  • This all sounds like a good idea to me. Looking forward to hearing other responses.
  • HI!
    Here are my thoughts....
    We should set a deadline to list the books we want to trade and the following day as the first day to pm someone. For example, we have to have our books listed by next Friday, then whoever sends the first message on Saturday gets the book.
    I also think we should set a maximum number of books for each trade.
    We can update our lists as we send books or get new ones to trade.

    This is gonna be fun!!

  • Sounds like a good idea to me! I would love to swap books. You can also take books to your public library, if they can't use them on the shelves, a lot of libraries hold book sales to raise monies. Our does. Let me know if you are going to start a swap.