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Amanda 10-07-2008 05:18 PM

The Taste of Home Cookbook- New Revised: One Recipe four ways
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The Taste of Home Cookbook- New Revised: One Recipe four ways

The world’s largest cooking magazine announces
the second edition of one of America’s best-selling cookbooks

Unique all-new “Lifestyle” recipe feature offers
one recipe four ways: Classic, Time Saver, Light, and Serves Two

New Revised Second Edition

320 “Lifestyle Recipes” for one dish four ways
1,395 recipes – more than 400 of them new!
1,387 color photos, 300+ tips and how-to’s
$29.95 Hardcover, 5-ring binder, 738 pages
Taste of Home Books (September 9, 2008)
ISBN (13): 978-0-89821-666-0

Greendale, WI – THE TASTE OF HOME COOKBOOK is back and better than ever. In 2006, Taste of Home captured the spirit of the American pass-it-over-the-fence tradition with its first Taste of Home Cookbook: A neighborly exchange of reader-submitted recipes, stories, and tips from home cooks across the country that became an instant best-seller. In Fall 2008, the second edition will bring more recipes, more color photos, and an innovative “Lifestyle Recipes” feature – all of which will get families to the table and nourish them all year long.

Taste of Home ( became the #1 cooking magazine by celebrating the cooking, caring, and sharing of real people, real food, and real recipes. But not every way of life suits every recipe. That’s why for the second edition of THE TASTE OF HOME COOKBOOK, the editors came up with the idea for Lifestyle Recipes corresponding to the magazines in the Taste of Home family:

· “Classic Recipes” (Taste of Home) for traditional preparation techniques

· “Time-Saver Recipes” (Simple & Delicious) for minimum effort

· “Light Recipes” (Healthy Cooking) for trimming calories, fat, etc. but not flavor

· “Serves 2” (Cooking for 2) for scaled-down versions for smaller households

There are 320 “Lifestyle Recipes” (one recipe, four ways) throughout THE TASTE OF HOME COOKBOOK as well as hundreds of quick, light, and smaller-scale recipes, each with its own icon to indicate the different category.

Looking for a way to savor summer’s bounty? Take your pick from Refreshing Garden Pasta Primavera (Classic), Tortellini Primavera (Time Saver), Linguini Primavera (Light), or Pasta Primavera (For 2). Turkey left over? Choose from these Comforting Turkey Potpies: All-American Turkey Potpie (Classic), Turkey Biscuit Potpie (Time Saver), Phyllo Turkey Potpie (Light), and Turkey Lattice Pie (For 2). From chill-chasing chilies (Chili con Carne, Spiced Chili, Jalapeno Pepper Chili, Bulgur Chili) to sweet and tangy lemon meringue pies (Best Lemon Meringue Pie, Very Lemony Meringue Pie, Layered Lemon Pie, Lemon Yogurt Cream Pie), the Lifestyle Recipes like all the recipes filling the 21 chapters of THE TASTE OF HOME COOKBOOK, have something for everyone.

Most importantly, the recipes work. Every ingredient in THE TASTE OF HOME COOKBOOK, like every recipe in the magazine itself, comes from regular grocery stores and then tested in the Taste of Home kitchens (outfitted with appliances just like you find in most American homes). The cookbook offers what the magazine’s editors and test kitchen pros feel are the “best of the best” from their 35,000-plus recipe database and is a must-have resource for any home cook.

The new book features a practical 5-ring binder that lies flat as you cook and comes filled with extra goodies like tabbed chapter dividers and snap-in splashguards to protect the pages. There are clear prep and cook times and complete nutritional information for each recipe. The book’s detailed cooking instructions and photos – filleting a fish, boning a chicken, stuffing a turkey – make prep even easier.

Simply put, Taste of Home and THE TASTE OF HOME COOKBOOK are the very essence of home cooking in America. They are about great food and real people who take pride in what they cook and have fun doing it and want to share it with others. They celebrate the delight and comfort we find at the table, the deep connection between food and family, and the different ways we live and eat – all of which makes us all long for a taste of home.

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