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ajrsmom 06-14-2011 11:51 AM

10 Minute Puppets
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It’s the Swiss Army knife of activity books: how to make puppets anywhere, in ten minutes or less, using everyday materials. And who better to create it than Noel MacNeal, a longtime puppeteer who learned his art from Jim Henson and Frank Oz. MacNeal shows parents and kids how to make 30 puppets using socks, paper bags, napkins, and the most important tools of all—your two hands.

10-Minute Puppets is filled with imaginative ideas, energy, and the pure, childlike pleasure of turning objects into characters. There are finger puppets: Wigglin’ Worm in an Apple, Teeny Ballerina, Little Pachyderm Sock and glove puppets: Crabby Crab and Herb the Plant Cutouts, shadow puppets, and puppets perfect for the spur-of-the moment, like Envelope Bird—make it using a deposit envelope while waiting in line at the bank. With full-color illustrations throughout, the book has step-by-step instructions for each puppet; pages of puppet parts and bodies to cut out and use; how to create simple puppet theaters; plus, a final chapter with ideas for putting on a show, drawing on nursery rhymes, fairy tales, family stories, and more.

Suggested Retail Price: $10.95


Tami says: "This is such a fun book to that keeps entertaining over and over again. The puppets are easy to put together with household items that we all have around the house. No two puppets turn out the same. :) Get the neighborhood kids together for an impromptu puppet show or use the puppets as a craft at a birthday party or sleepover. I love this book because we can "unplug" the kids and give them a craft that will entertain them for quite a while!"

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