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Amanda 09-12-2008 05:06 AM

The ABCs of Literacy: Preparing Our Children for Lifelong Learning
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Giving our Children a Head Start on Reading
‘The ABCs of Literacy’ shows parents the best techniques to help children learn to read

Nashville, TN – Reading aloud to children opens them up to the wonders of the world, the phonetics of our language, and lays the groundwork for developing their own ability to read. But how do parents know which books to select as the best reading material and what are the best techniques for reading to your child? Cynthia Dollins, EdD, an educator for twenty years and lecturer at Pepperdine University, answers these questions and more in The ABCs of Literacy: Preparing Our Children for Lifelong Learning (ISBN-13: 978-1-58182-652-4, $16.95, Paperback, Cumberland House Publishing).

Each chapter in The ABCs of Literacy shows parents the best ways to help their children learn to read. Dollins begins by explaining the benefits of reading aloud to children and why this one act is the single most important activity that parents can do with their preschool and elementary-age children. However not all books are created equal, and the author moves on to show parents how to select the best literature for their child and why parents should challenge their children with different types of books. Dollins also extends the read-aloud experience by offering parents engaging ways to include activities such as art, cooking, writing and drama into their child’s literary experience. Techniques for reading aloud, other ways to promote early literacy and how to encourage your child to read on their own round out this informative book. Dollins also provides parents with summaries of more than 300 titles of age-appropriate quality literature for children.

The ABCs of Literacy is now available wherever books are sold and at online retailers such as

Cynthia Dollins, EdD, is a lecturer in child and adolescent literature and writing and reading methods at Pepperdine University. An educator for twenty years as a classroom teacher and as a principal, she is a member of several parenting and professional organizations and gives workshops to parents on the benefits of reading aloud to children.

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