Swiss Mushroom Chicken

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    Swiss Mushroom chicken....this would be for 4...

    4 boneless chicken breast halves
    1 egg, beaten
    1 cup crushed butter flavored crackers ( about 25)
    3/4 teaspn salt
    1/2 lb fresh mushrooms, sliced
    2 Tablespns butter, divided
    4 slices ham
    4 slices swiss cheese

    Flatten chicken to 1/4 inch thickness.
    Dip Chicken in egg, then crumbs....set aside

    In an ovenproof skillet, melt 1 T butter and saute mushrooms until tender. Remove and set aside..
    In the same skillet melt remaining butter, add chicken, cook over medium heat for 3-4 min on each side until juices run clear.

    Top each chicken breast half with a slice of ham, then mushrooms and top with swiss.

    Broil 4 inches from heat until cheese melts..about 1-2 minutes.
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    Swiss Mushroom Chicken -
    Amounts can vary depending on what you have on hand.
    Boneless Chicken (uncooked)
    Sliced Swiss Cheese (can substitute shredded cheese)
    Cream of Mushroom Soup (1 or 2 cans, depends on how much chicken you have)
    Tomatoes, sliced
    Bread Crumbs

    Put chicken in casserole dish.
    Layer cheese over chicken.
    Spread soup over cheese.
    Layer sliced tomatoes over soup.
    Sprinkle bread crumbs over casserole.

    Bake until chicken is done. If I'm cooking something else too, I adjust the time/temp for the other item. If you're using whole breasts, it takes longer than breast strips. I usually cook in a 9x13 pan about 25 minutes at 400.

    You can add some milk to the soup to stretch it farther. Mix together before pouring over chicken. 1 lb of chix strips fills a 9x13 pan and feeds five very hungry people at our house.