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barbszy 06-29-2007 04:15 AM

Balsamic Marinated Chicken Breasts
as posted in What's for Dinner March 2007 by Lifestar

Balsamic Marinated Chicken Breasts


6-8 boneless skinless chicken breasts, trimmed
12 oz bottle Balsamic Vinaigrette and Basil salad dressing
C honey
C white wine (sweet)
1 T spicy brown prepared mustard
Salt and Pepper to taste
tsp powdered garlic
2 T all purpose flour
4T cold water


Combine first six ingredients in a gallon size zip lock bag or a large glass or plastic bowl.
Marinate covered in refrigerator for about1 hour.
Preheat oven to 400*
Remove chicken from marinade and place in 9X13 inch Pyrex glass baking dish
Pour approx. 1/3 of the marinade over chicken.
Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
Bake uncovered for 35 minutes.
Remove chicken from oven, and transfer chicken pieces to a platter.
Cover platter with aluminum foil and let stand 10-15 minutes.
After standing, pour juices from chicken platter back into Pyrex dish.
Center Pyrex dish over high heat on your range top burner.
Combine flour and cold water in small bowl.
When chicken juices come to a boil, whisk in the flour/water mixture, reduce heat to medium-low and stir until thickened. Pour or ladle pan gravy over chicken on platter.
Serve and enjoy!

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