birthday gifts for my nieces

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  • It was easier for me to buy gifts for my nieces when they were younger. Now that they are getting older it is getting harder.

    Is it kosher to just ask them for a list, which, I know they would let me know what they want but I just still have this thing that the present should be a surprise. I don't know?
    What about gift cards? Do pre teens like these or are they a lazy gift?

    Grace will be 9
    Jaci will be 11
    Allie will be 14. Can you give me some ideas?

    thanks and hugs, train
  • I always buy gift cards. If they have a special interest or store, that is where I go. The kids here are always happy with gift cards cause they can get what they really want. I don't see a problem with asking for ideas either. Kids do not want gifts they don't want, nor do you want to spend money on something they are just going to be polite in thanking you for. It sounds crass but it is realistic.
  • I think kids love gift cards, but if you want to get something that is a little more personal maybe you could buy them books. Are they readers? Is there a series of books that might interest them that you could add to over time?
    My oldest DD got a book every year from an aunt of mine. She has them and treasures each of them. Some of them are classics, collections of short stories or just something DD was intersested in at the time.
  • As a teen or preteen, I hated that my aunt got me records from groups that I already had. However, I was glad that she got me something that I was glad for.

    I agree with Cooked and Joy in that you should give gift cards. Then. they could get what they want. If they don't give thank notes, then you know not to give them anything in the future.
  • Gotta agree with gift cards!! My son is going to be 11 in Oct. and he is planning on asking my Mom to either send him money or a gift card this year.

    He loves gift cards to WalMart, any book store, Old Navy..etc.

    If I were you, I would tell your neices that you would either like for them to give you a list of things that they would really like to have and you will pick one or two --or that you will give them a gift card to one of their favorite stores.

    My DH bought me a gift card from Yankee Candle for my BD two years ago (without my prompting ) and it was one of the best gifts that I've received in a while because I don't usually spend any money on myself there.

    Bath and Body Works is a great place to hit sales if they like that place. You can find coupons online for there, too, to go along with the sales.
  • One more.....

    If they are into buying things with their school mascots or logos on them, that's a nice gift.

    My son's school sells shirts, bags, hats...stuff that I normally don't spend a lot of money on but he would like to own.

    Is the youngest one into things like Libby Lu? Maybe you could sign her up for a makeover there? My DD has been wanting to do that since last year but I keep telling her that she has to get a bit older to do that.
  • My dks started loving gift cards at about the age of 12. Now they will actually put them on their birthday/Christmas lists. They will even list the stores, restaurants or movie theaters they like. This gives them "money" to go shopping with and they have a blast. My ds2 always wants to spend his right away but ds1 saves his until he thinks about what it is he truly wants. Dd can go either way. They now even have cool tins you can buy to put the gift cards in to make them look special.
  • Gift cards are great. Kids like them.
  • I would ask them to give you a list of what they would like for their birthday or christmas and to include their sizes for the clothes they may want and go from there.

    That way you can still surprise them and know that it was something from their list.

    Or pick up some crafting supplies for jewelry and let them make their own stuff.
  • Gift cards it will be! Thanks, guys!

    hugs, train