birthday gifts for my nieces

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  • I realize that I am running behind on this one but wanted to put my two cents worth in. For several years now I have given my entire family gift cards for their birthdays and the holidays. I do ask them for 2-3 stores that they would like to shop at so I can keep the element of surprise. I have also told them that if they don't give me suggestions then they will have to be happy with what I decide. So far everyone seems to enjoy the gift cards. When my nephews were younger (they are now 17 and 11) I gave them cash just because they didn't seem to quite get the concept of gift cards, but boy oh boy did they know what the green stuff is. LOL
  • Can go wrong with the Visa gift cards. It amazes me how many different places you can buy gift cards for at the grocery.
  • Hello friend,
    Getting a gift ,especially surprise gift is a difficult task...
    I think you can select a gift like arrange their birthday party in some new place,away from your city with their friends only.
    Arrange it in some new place which is full of adventure and fun....

  • Good post . Very worth to read . :DD
  • Gift Cards or long list
    I like to do this with my own teens - I ask them to provide me with a long list of ideas. They can include request for gift cards on that list to let me know which store they would like a gift card from. When there special occasion comes along, they don't have any idea what I am going to give them but I know it will be something that they have been hoping for.
  • With our 17 yo nephew we buy him one of the several e-games he likes, and will give him a gift card /certificate for one of the places he likes to buy these games through for accessories or upgrades for a newer version. For our 7 - 12 year old nieces and nephews, we buy clothes knowing that theirs will be changed to something different, and they can use the difference for whatever they want, or change size(s) if needed - my mom suggested this with the two oldest ones. All of them are sporty in one fashion or another, so sometimes I try to find something that can be shared w/their siblings and /or friends. If I absolutely HAVE to give a gift card to a niece or nephew of their Birthday / Holiday gift, it is a small denomination so they have to collect several to buy that one item they wanted, or actually give me more ideas for stuff they want or need. For my oldest niece (she's almost 30), I will give her a gift card to a gas station near her or one of her favorite cafe's.

    I'm a firm believer that unless you're out in the working field (house chores, paper routes, food service, offices, home-business, etc), you don't need extra cash (type) gifts...your parents / guardians might, but you don't.

    That's just me tough.