Feb. 2010 Birthday Club INACTIVE

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  • There are no birthdays this month. But we will have a thread for chit chat or any questions that may come up.
  • Happy Birthday

    For anyone that is not on the Birthday Club and has a February birthday.
  • Hi to all the birthday club buddies!
  • Subbing
  • I think all my January cards are rec'd.

    Sat 6th, tomorrow, my baby turns 15, yikes, we will be going bowling with him and a couple of his mates.
  • Bilby,Happy Birthday to your son.
    Hope he has a wonderful day. My baby is 47. LOL
  • subbing...
  • Hope everyone is well and getting through all the bad weather so many are having.
  • Eeek I'm 44 this year so a 15yo baby is not so bad.
    His friend is here now and it's his birthday on Valentines day so we have been giving him heaps of mushiness and smooches LOL
  • We have 1 birthday on the 5th of March coming up, Happymomof4 (Charlotte)

    ...... hope I've read my list right LOL