July 2007 Birthday Club Chat

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  • Hi Barbszy...wishing you a Wonderful and Happy Birthday Today...have a fantastic day...hugs


  • Thank you all for the good wishes

    Thank you to:
    and Debbie F. for the great cards I received today!
  • Happy Birthday Barbsy. Enjoy your very special day.
  • Happy Birthday barbszy!
    I hope you had a beautiful day!

    hugs, train


  • Hello ladies..wanted to drop by and let everyone know I have been thinking about them.
    I am so sorry I am always late for seemingly everything.
    Abby and Bunny....your "behinder" sister has put your cards in the mail and you should be getting them really soon.

    Like I said to our June sisters.. your birthday isn't over until the last card arrives...LOL

    Hugs to all of you!
    PLEASE don't forget me
  • Thanks, ncjeepster, for the card I received yesterday!
  • I just got back from vacation but will mail all birthday cards tomorrow morning. I apologize to everyone who will receive their cards late. I meant to get them out before I left but just wasn't that organized!!