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  • I became an aunt last night to my 6th niece!!!!
    No Boys in my family!!!!

  • Congratulations Train!!! That is great news!!! So close to Christmas!!

    No boys?? You don't even have any brothers??
  • Well. yea, I have one brother but I forgot about him!!!

    Between his family and my sisters family I have 6 nieces!!!
    The oldest is 9 and the youngest is 10 days!!!!
    I got my "baby fix" when we were at my sister's celebrating Christmas!! What a precious feeling to hold a newborn!!!!

  • That is funny you forgot your brother?? Did he pick on you alot? Maybe that is why you forgot him!!
  • Train,
    Congrads on becoming an Aunt again!

    we have all boys in this family on both sides, so I have all this pressure to give birth to a girl! I hope its a girl myself, but really as long as its healthy I will be fine with a boy! Hoping it comes around valentines day!
  • Lee, do you have names picked out yet?

    Are you getting anxious? Especially now that the holidays are about over?

    Do you have a sitter for your little boy while you are in the hospital?
  • Karen,
    Yes I am getting very anxious! I want this over with, I give you credit for having 4 kids. I wouldnt so much mind that but I am so lazy and tired during this pregancy! I dont want to cook, clean, nothing. I have not had day care kids in 2wks, I hope I can handle it next week when they all return!

    As for names if its a girl were thinking Megan Olivia but still not 100% on that one!
    A boy will be named Joshua Ryan I am 100% on that one!

    As for a babysitter, its kinda scary my sil only lives about 6 blcoks from us so we asked her to be our late night watcher, but she comes back and says to me well I do have to work! I understand that but since I am asking so far ahead I would think she could make arrangements with her work I mean she is the aunt! Am I being selfish?
    If labor starts during the day my other sil works fairly close to our house so she said she would come over. My parents said if I needed them they would help, but they live fairly far so we problay would still have to take him to the hospital with us. Then again I may be home for awhile I am basing on my first labor no contractions till after water broke but labor was only 7 hrs, so they say the second is shorter thinking I want to be in the hospital not driving evan to a sitter! Maybe I should just find someone to pay and come to our house! Then there is the task if I go in early to call all my parents I babysit for, this will be dhs job, so I have to have all numbers written down for him, such work. lol I liked with evan that the water broke at 2:30 a.m. went right to the hospital no traffic smooth sailing! The only bad thing that happened was that dh was so nervous he slammed his finger in the car after dropping me off and parking as he forgot to grab my suitcase!
  • Oh, Lee Joshua Ryan and Megan Olivia they are such good names!!

    My grandmother told me that when I pick names out for my kids I must go to the back door and yell them out the door several times. Then decide if that is really what I want to name them.

    I don't think you are being selfish about your sil taking off work!! My sil was not working when I had my third baby. And she watched them, no less on Halloween, she had DH over for dinner, and even took the other two kids trick-or-treating. She even had to make up costumes for them because DH, forgot to take their costumes to her house for them!! I thought that was so sweet and going all out for them!!!

    I know I was in the same situation you are in for our fourth child!! Luckily she was born on a Sunday, and that particular weekend my parents took all three of the older kids to the mountains with them. So, when I went into labor they were coming home from the mountains!!! But, the dr. wanted me at the hospital early for her, because all of my other labors were really really quick!!! But, not #4 I was in labor for 24 hrs with her. I did'nt follow Dr.s' orders and go as soon as labor started...luckily. I waited until DH, had slept for awhile and then I woke him up and we went to the hospital!!!

    I only had my water break a little bit with one of my kids, with the rest of them they had to break it completely!! When my water broke a little with my third child I thought I peed myself in bed!!! How embarassing, the nurses even treated me like I was dumb, and that it was not enough of water for water to have broken, but when they tested me it was a little bit of my water but not all of it, so they did end up eventually breaking my water completely with her also!!
  • Karen,
    Like I had said I woke up at 2:30 felt I had to pee, I did climbed back into bed and it was like the hoover dam broke. I was like I just went I am losing all control, then it dawned on me. I thought you just got one burst not me changed my clothes called the dr stood up more water Dh wouldnt let me get in our car without laying out a couple of towels! lol sorry that was probaly tmi, but I laugh at it now!

    I did the name yelling thing too, I cant remember who told me to do that though!
  • You know I didn't even think about your daycare kids, I hope they all have backup!!! That would be so cute if you had to take your own son and all the daycare kids along to the hospital when you went into labor!!

    Sorry, I'm just imagining this lady in labor with all these kids trailing behind her.

    How much time do you plan to take off after the baby is born? I think that would be a hard decision!!! You probably don't really "need" the normal full six weeks, but yet it would be nice!!