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  • Karen,
    I told them I would only take 3 weeks, I sure dont want to lose them to another sitter! I was very lucky when I had Evan, the company I worked for gave 3 month maternity 100% pay. Sure will miss that! If I have the kids when I go into labor, my sil that works around here will stay till they are all picked up! That would be a hoot having 5 kids trailing behind me!
  • Wow, 3 months paid!!! That would be nice!! I guess you will miss that!

    Three weeks is a nice amount, you will have a little time to enjoy your new one, but yet not get into a 100% routine, to have it messed up when you start back with the daycare kids!

    That would be horrible to lose your daycare kids to a new sitter!! But, if they like you and the kids like it with you I am sure they would come back before too long!
  • I know I am not to worried but would be devastated if my kids went elsewhere! Yes I had great benefits with my old job, but could not bring myself to go back!