Our baby girl is finally here!!

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  • Tami,
    She is beautiful and your son is just a cutie! Love their names
  • Thanks!!

    This was taken the day she came home ( 1 day old). She has changed so much in just a month! I have to get busy and take a lot more pics of them!!

    Now that I have figured out how to post a pic. ( maybe!) I will be able to post some more.

    Lee.... How are you feeling? Is it extra hot where you live? I remember when I was pregnant with Andy that it was soooo hot and I had morning, noon and night sickeness for the first 3 months!

    Hope all is going well for ya!!
  • Tami,
    Well since you asked, lol I feel yukky! I didnt think the heat would matter this early, but I have been feeling nausausated morning noon and night I think the heat is contributing. Also I woke up this morning and my tummy has popped. At the end of May I had went to the thrift store and purchased a bunch of comfy dresses that were not form fitting but I didnt look like I was wearing a tent either. Anyway this morning I went to put one of the dresses on nope wont be wearing that for awhile. Its to early, I guess I have no stomach muscles to hold it in. I had just lost almost 15 lbs when I got pregnant still had a way to go from baby 1! Anyway I am a bit down about the weight thing. I have to be careful this pregnancy. I also dont want to obsess over the weight. Anyway this is probaly more than you wanted to know. Thanks for letting me whine.
  • Ahhh.... That snap is so precious, Tami. One day old and what a beautiful head of hair!! Big brother seems to take the holding job so naturally. We all will be waiting for more pictures. Take all the time to be mommy.....the house can wait. After all, where can the house go? LOL
  • Oh, Tami that picture is way to precious!!!!

    Give that baby girl a baby kiss for me.

    My three yo dd was standing here when I looked a the picture, and she said aaaawwwwwww. Can I have one?