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  • Beautiful!!! I want another one NOT!!! Congrats!!!
  • Jen, Thanks for the peek at your boys.. They are beautiful! Bless them both.

    Take it easy as you can, sleep as much as you can, and remember.. giving birth to a second child is like adopting a new platoon of work!

  • Jen, you boys are adorable! Ethan looks so cute...I love the way new babies he going to be a red head? Such a nice family you have.

    Take it easy and rest when you can...don't be afraid to ask for help.

  • Here is Ethan at 7 1/2 weeks!


  • Jen, He's Georgeous!

  • How much for the baby? My DH always says that - it's from Blue Brothers (I think)

    I wanted another one all weekend - was watching labor & delivery!!!

    He is so precious! Enjoy your time! One of these days when he's sleeping we'll see ya back on the site!
  • What a cutie!
    Jen, what a cutie you have there! He is really growing fast..I forget how that baby is 13 now, 5'9" tall and I am the shrimp of the

    So are there plans for a girl? In the future that is....All Iever had was boys(2) my hubby had (5) and (1) with me...7 boys in all!

    I agree with Caronamy...I always want clock must be out of whack! lol

  • Aw what a cutie. That big smile made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
  • Jen, wish I lived closer..I could babysit for you while you cook! lol I just love the new smell of babies and lotion. No grandchildren for me yet..or friends with little

  • Hello

    Thanks for the compliments!

    And NO, we are not going to have a 3rd. We have always wanted 2 children. And now we have 2. If I could have selected the sex of our children, I would have picked one of each...but we were given 2 boys for a reason, so...2 boys I will have, hold, love and enjoy.

    And he is a Mama's boy. He likes it when Mommy holds him. I am sure that will get old one day, but being he is my "bittersweet baby", I will enjoy it ofr as long as possible!