New Grand Daughter is Here!

  • My newest dgd arrived via c-section Sat. night at 5:34pm and I got to be with her through it all. 'Lexi was 8 lb 15 oz & 20" long, as the nurse put she is plump in all the right places Ydd wanted me there as a coach & in case the father passed out, so I was able to be with her before, during & after the birth. In fact just took them home this morning leaving her in good hands w ddil to help out with both new mom, dad & dgd, in fact she's due in 7 months. Good thing we love grandbabies
  • Congratulations on your Lexi!! We have a Lexi too. Her name is Alexis
  • Congratulations! What a wonderful gift and event!
  • Congratulations on your new gd.