Are you left-handed or right-handed?

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  • Aug. 13 is Left-handers Day!!

    Click on the link above for some fun left-hander facts.

    I'm right-handed and so are my kids and my DH. But get Mom, Dad, sister and brother are all left-handed!

    What about you???
  • learning to be both,
  • I am left-handed, but also right-handed for a lot of things.
  • I am totally left handed. When I was in first grade they tried changing me and the doctor told them to leave me alone. Then I broke my left arm and got held back because I couldn't write with my right arm, lol. No one else in my family is left handed.
  • I am left handed. DH is right handed along with both the children. Though when you look at my family when I was growing up my mother is left handed and father is right handed. I have three siblings all younger then me. Brother #1 is left handed, Brother #2 and Sister are both right handed.
  • Lef handed
    Actually, I have one sister and no brothers. My sister is right handed and so are my mother and father. I know of no one in my family that is left handed. So I guess it isn't exactly inherited,right?

  • I am right handed, hubby is left handed. Our son is right handed.
    Everyone in my family is right handed, not sure about hubby's family.
  • I am right handed. But I can use the left hand. I had to learn to cook, clean, eat and make out checks with the left hand, because I broke the right wrist. I also drove the car just using the left hand and can still do those things.
  • been right handed before my car wreck but
    but learning how to be left handed more and more except for writing then I'm still right handed.

    Seleach I was wondering if this had given me away when I was the MG posted. LOL
    Was It?
  • I don't remember anything said about being left handed or right handed.