Are you left-handed or right-handed?

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  • now you got me wondering, LOL... I guess the answer is no to my question then. LOL
  • I have tried writing with my right hand just for fun and it isn't readable, ha ha.
  • I am right handed, all of my family is right handed. Except my Mom who writes with he right hand because that it what the school made her do. But, there are things that she does that are left handed, like when she cooks the pans are turned the other way.

    I did have to learn to write with my left hand in the fifth grade as I had fractured my wrist, to this day I can write legibly with my left hand. My DS is the same way, from when he broke his elbow. And both of us now have horrible handwriting with either hand!
  • I was orginally left handed and they changed me over, because no one was left handed in my family. I do a lot of things with either hand, so I can really use both.

    DH is left handed totally and my kids are all right handed.
  • I am left handed. my daughter is a leftie. she has twins. one is left and the other is right handed. her oldest boy is left and right. no one else in my family is left handed. parents brother and sister are right handed.
  • I am a rightie
  • Donnamh, I'm a twin too. My sister is right handed and until I was changed over I was left.

    Mom 2-4, My pans are turned so I can grab them are left handed as well. I never thought about that, just did it.
  • Both hubby and I are right handed and so are our 2 boys, but my DD is left handed