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Alice 08-07-2009 05:04 AM

Home Ec Club advice?
Hi all, I haven't been active on here in a long time and I wish I had. I'm looking for other Home Ec Club advisors or any advice on what any of you think should be taught in Home Ec Club. I'm NOT a HE teacher, but am the advisor for our high school HE Club now for the second year. We had fun last year, but I need more structured and useful lesson ideas and materials. Cooking, sewing, genealogy, beading, crafting, scrapbooking, health, first aid, etc. What I would love to find is a site where other advisors meet and share. Could you lead me to something like that? I've Googled and can't find any such thing! Suggestions on the teaching of these subjects would be great too.
ANY help from any of you would thrill me!
Thanks soooooo much!!

AnnaInOhio 08-07-2009 08:01 AM


Glad you found your way back to us... although I can not suggest where to find what you are looking for nor am I a teacher some things that would be useful I would think for your students would be teaching them to make frugal meals (cook, research, plan and prepare) we have alot of recipes on here that would help you get started. Not only would these teach cooking but also meal planning and budgeting, a win win using math and reading skills as well as cooking. Look in our crafting section for tons of crafting ideas that are easy to make and fit the attention span of young teens. I have personally provided on here recipes for beauty products, always a hit with teen girls LOL! Hope that helps.


barbszy 08-07-2009 08:19 AM

I second Anna's idea to include budgeting. Kids can learn about the different bills required in a household (mortgage or rent, insurance, utilities) and learn to budget for food. They can learn to match coupons to sales for the best deal. They can take an imaginary budget and a current grocery-store ad and make a meal plan for the week within their budget for a family of a certain size.

RobertaD 08-07-2009 04:12 PM

I think simple clothing repairs such as hemming, sewing a button, etc. would beneficial. I remember making an apron that we used when we were in the kitchen in Home Ec class.

Compair resturant priced meals to what it would cost to fix at home would be great budgeting and learning how to fix the meal. I know I can cook steak, potatoe, salad meal for 4 for the price of one meal out when buying on sale.

Knitting and crochetting are a dieing art that can be made to help others in need by making hats and scarfs.

You know when I was re-reading your post Alice it had me thinking of the Girl Scout manuels on all the subjects that the senior girls can earn patches for. If you can get your hands on an advisors manuel that might give you ideas and training for different subjects.


barbszy 08-08-2009 05:41 AM

Roberta has a good idea. The Boy Scouts also have a "Personal Management" merit badge (required for Eagle Scouts) and the requirements for that often fit in the HOme-Ec category.

Alice 08-08-2009 08:55 PM

Thanks so much everyone for your great ideas. Your suggestions to use Scout manuals was awesome. What a great idea! I'll be looking for them!
Does anyone here know a Home Ec teacher or Future Homemakers advisor that I could buddy up with to get ideas and support?
You're a great group. Thanks again!

bar_bar 08-14-2009 02:41 PM

you received some great ideas. Also taking care of a child. I've seen where they take a baby doll and it becomes thier baby. They have take it everywhere they go, plan meals for it and everything. This teaches them what it like to have a child along with work. Work is thier schooling. THey there are days they have to nurse the baby as the baby is sick.
those are the days you allow them to know that the next day is that way. See what they will come up in taking care of thier sick child while they are a work,
they had to write about it as well.

Budgeting is very important.

I saw a teacher once get alot of blank checks
and each student received from the teacher so much for the week. It was play money, they had to log it into thier book, write checks or do debit or credit for the things they need thought the week. They had to show thier tickets and thier books to the teacher.
See if they could budge it or not. Then the following week what was left over is added to thier account.
They did this for the entire year.
Oh, the budget had to include a letter from the parent on how much
rent, food, washing, electric bill, phone bill, etc would be for that student. That student had to pay thier parents for these things either weekly or monthly which comes out of thier account.
At the end of the yr they were able to tell if they made it or not.
At mid term they had to pretend they had to move, and had to come up with a deposit.
From time to time the teacher told them that they had a plumbing problem, or another kind of applicance need. They had to budge that and they never knew when this was going to occur until the teacher told them it had.
Some had momey for it and others didn't.
Again it showed the students how you needed a little bit of extra money.

If they wanted to put some into a saving account they was extra points for that student, but the teacher never told them whata to do with thier money.. sOME Students invested thier money into stocks, etc.
at the end of the year it was interesting to see what the students did..
Oh, this was a grade as well...

I also thought that was such a neat idea how the teacher did this and things the students learned during this course.

Another teacher that I sub for in Homemaking showed movies on abuse, drugs, etc once a month to thier student.. then they had to write up a paper of if they agree or not, and why.

If I learn of any sites I will be back to post.
but right now my brain is dead.

Minny 08-23-2009 05:36 AM

Great ideas here ladies. I remember doing some of the meal planning in high school. We had to plan the meal, buy the things needed & cook the meal. Our class was divided into groups of 4 or 5 girls to each group & each group had it's own kitchen. Each group had to do the meal planning, buying & cooking. We had to submit to our teacher our meal plan & the school gave us the money to buy it. This was done by having 1 class do it once a month. I think there were 6 different classes of 12-16 girls in each class. We had to invite the school staff to dinner & serve the meal to them. Back then we didn't have Walmart & places like that to shop, so we really had to budget our money.

Pag36 07-23-2010 09:16 AM

I remember doing all that Minny. My best friend and I would go to Acme Mkt and buy the things our group needed for the meal the next day. We had to invite the principal (I did not like him) and the one under him (can't think of title== we all loved him) some of the meals other times teachers that were not ours.
The Superintendant that is what he was called Mr Oberhauser great guy and lived to be a 101 and I called him thro' out the years after I was out of school.
Good thread

bluebird 07-23-2010 10:25 AM

Did you find the support you need? I have a book on homemaking around here somewhere. It is Amish I think. It is really good.

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