Gifts for Males

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  • Thanks for the cool ideas!
    I really liked the cd coaster idea!
  • Just to let you know.......

    I will be moving this thread to the Any Occasion Gift sub-forum.

  • These are some good ideas. Now my brain is starting to warm up,
    Sometimes it's a little sluggish.

    The two hardest guys I have are: my ds. He has his own logging business. It's so hard to find something for him.

    And the other "problem" is my dsil. He's a State Trooper and also a huge puter person. Maybe I'll do a bunch of sweets for him. Not that he should have them. Cops need to be able to run after the bad guys.

    Gotta put the ole thinkin cap on.

  • Personalized Cards
    While I know this isn't handcrafted per se, it is a unique, personalized "crafty" gift that I tend to give my husband, father, etc. I discovered Shutterfly a while ago, and since then, just use some of the best pics from the year to create a gift. They have great Father's Day cards and stationery, mugs, notebooks, calendars, etc. Cheap enough that it can be in line with keeping it inexpensive with handcrafted items! This is about as crafty as I get!!
  • I make my own cards or get the kids to do the dads day cards, even uncles and the females, the kids also make the wrapping paper. Our best wrapping paper is brown paper and the kids write the receivers name and sayings before wrapping, very personalised.

    I've found that you can get so many paper type products for your computer that you can print and set on your own mugs and believe me if it were hard I'd not do this.
    There is transfer (shirts, hankies, calico drawstring bags for fishing/golf/sports) a different transfer for mugs then cook in the oven, shrinky (keyrings). You can do photos or other pictures of interest.

    I guess it depends on how much you can buy your printable paper for versus finding some one else to do this ..... we have fathers day in sept so will have to think what to do for fil.
  • Gifts for Males
    If you knit or crochet and he's a golfer what about covers for his club heads.
    Hope this helped.
    luv bunnyboo
  • Any new ideas for the men as christmas comes up fairly shortly!
  • fleece pj pants

    a framed picture of the children, but with painted over jig saw puzzle pieces glued to the frame
  • any suggestions for a soon to be 15 year old lol
    he has a cell, he only listens to Christian music but has several cd,and he has i pod lol.
    I am lost ?
  • Movie tickets?
    Football or basketball or sports of his choice tickets.
    A trip to a theme park.
    My youngest is 16 going on 17 and he's always hard to buy for, the movie tickets for the school holidays so he can go with friends is usually a good choice for him