Are You Addicted To This Site?

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  • Okay I admit it, I am addicted to this site. This is fabulous. All the tips, recipes, information, etc. It's like having friends over only you don't have to clean the house or get dressed before they get there. I had to post this and didn't know where to put it. Please let me know if there is anyone else out there addicted to this site! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas
  • Me...addicted?
    You bet! Just take a look at how many times a day I am here! I love this place! I feel like Amanda and I are neighbors that never get to see each other face to face! My dh says I'm obsessed! I guess I am....keep the ideas and tips, and recipes coming!
  • Tell me how! Please!
    How do you and everyone else do the moving icons. What do I do? Where do I go? Share the wealth, Please!
  • FIRST of all, I love you guys!!! You have totally made my week! I have had message boards for the last year on this site but they never took off. Apparently noone liked the set up. And they were costing me a fortune.

    So I installed this software and customized it and WHAM, you guys are here everyday. I love it! I wish I would have installed these a year ago and saved myself oodles of money!

    Second, Beth, when you are replying to a post, you should see a box on the left side of the box that you type in. Above the box it sill say "smilies" and in the box you will see a bunch of smilie icons. Just click an icon and it will be inserted into your message! There are certain symbols (emiticons) that will automatically transform into an icon, such as a : and ) to make this

    and a : and a p to make this :p

    and : and - and D to make this

    Otherwise, just click one or more of the little pictures and it will appear. I believe you can include up to ten symbols in each post!

  • You know I'm addicted to it
  • I am waiting to see. hmmmmm, I feel a tingling sensation in my fingers, a buzzing in my ears, my eyes! why yes! I think I feel an addiction starting!
  • New and starting to get addicted...
    Hi there!
    Iguess I'm getting addicted, yes, and I'll be a lot more! I'm so, so new to it - just got in today, 02/25/2002, but I LOVE IT! wish you people do get in touch with me... beeing a homebodie can sometimes be real lonely!
    Please, do stay in touch, and, of course, keep up the good work!:-
    kisses to ya'll,
    [email protected]
  • fatima, may I ask what is the decent of your name? Just curious because we lived in Turkey for 2 years and my very beloved landlord's wife's name was Fatima. I miss her so much, she was very beloved my me and my dd.
  • Welcome fatima!

    Glad to have you here!
  • Welcome Fatima!