Family Corner Newsletter Arrival!

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  • Was happy to see the newsletter was back. Felt good to be able to see what was happening old and new to read again.
    Good job on our first of many newsletters to come again!
  • So, when is the newsletter coming out again?

  • Newsletter In E-mail.
    Received mine in a e-mail tonight. Check yours if you got it before.
  • I didn't get one and I know I got them before.
  • I received mine!

  • I recieved mine. It made my day!
  • I still haven't received it. So where can I go to find it?
  • The newsletter was sent out to everyone March 3. If you didn't receive it, check your spam. Remember it comes from [email protected] This is the name that should be in your list of contacts to be sure you receive it.
    It will go out again this weekend.
  • Got it!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Nope I didn't get it.