Blue Ribbon Recipe Awards!

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  • this is a going thing... just keep posting receipes either in the Wfd thread or on the receipes threads...

    When Amanda finds out that she likes and tries then who knows who gets it just post..
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by ckblowers
    theirmom and bar bar is there going to be another contest??
    Hi Carolyn,

    barbar is correct. When I search out a recipe and try it, then I will award the Blue Ribbon Recipe Award. Tonight I am looking for something with Flank Steak ;-)
  • And I found it! Tonight I made Grilled Marinated Flank Steak that was posted by MomsMenu (Cindy Sanchez) here

    Congrats on a great recipe Cindy, keep 'em comin'!
  • YAY! I won a blue ribbon, I won a blue ribbon!

    That you Amanda! This particular recipe is one that I made quite a few times myself during the summer...something my family actually ALL liked!

    ~ Cindy
  • The recipe looks yummy! I plan to try it out!

    Congratulations on the Blue Ribbon Award Cindy!!

  • Thank you Cindy
  • Way To Go, Cindy!!!


  • Boy I made the "Hamburger Soup"receipe and it was a big hit with my picky DH. He really like it and so did I. It deserved a Blue Ribbon Award! Way to go!!!!!

  • Our latest winner - Banana Quick Bread
    Our latest Blue Ribbon Award Winner is barbszy for her Banana Quick Bread! My kids really enjoyed it!

    Recipe can be seen here
  • CONGRATS Barbszy, have copied/pasted it will for sure try it.