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ajrsmom 08-30-2005 07:52 PM

School Fundraising Ideas
Does anyone have any different ideas that they will share for school fundraising?

Selling Easter candy and $1.00 candy bars are really getting old to me and so is selling Wrapping paper and greeting cards.

Our school is doing Donuts for Dads and Muffins for Moms.

I'm not really sure what else they are going to do this year.

I remember kids from another school sold pizza kits that were really good.

Any suggestions for tried and true ideas that have worked for you?

Abear 08-30-2005 08:53 PM

This is sooo eerie! I was thinking earlier today of starting a thread on this very subject!

I too am tired of the candy bars and over priced wrapping paper.

DS # 1 is in 8th grade this year. During Spring Break, all the 8th graders that are interested will be taking a trip to Washington, DC, Phildelphia (for only an afternoon or so) and New York City. To defer costs to the parents, they try to raise as much money towards the trip as possible.

One thing that they already have in the works that was very successful last year was selling those tubs of cookie dough and the pre-measured cookie drops that you just place on the cookie sheet to make just a few cookies at a time.

They do plan on selling the candy bars...but not wrapping paper (by decree of the principal, that is strictly an entire school findraiser)

Another thing they plan on doing that was only mildy successful is sponsoring school dances. They made money off the admission and concessions. But the dances were a lot of work. You couldn't really have a dance as a fund raiser at Andrew's school. ;)

It was also mentioned that maybe we could do a few bake sales.

I'd like some fresh ideas on fundraising to present at the next trip meeting during the 2nd week of September.

redcardinalbird 08-30-2005 10:03 PM

This is a timely one as we were discussing that we need to do some fundraising for our new scout troop.

My daughter's school allow the older grades that are going on a class trip to hold a yard sale in their gym. Each family that participates gets to keep all the money raised at their booth.

At ds's school last year we sold poinsettis at Christmas and that did real well. Surprisingly they did have a dance and it was quite successful. They said it was more of a family event as the family was suppose to go. We did not attend that as IMHO elementary grades are a little young for a dance.

A book I was reading on ideas had two that I thought might go over well. One was a Baked Potato Bar dinner. They said the costs would be minimal for a dinner and you could have a variety of toppings. If you were able to get supplies donated could make even more.

The other was to sell balloon bouqets at Valentines. You could get the balloons from a wholesaler and a tank. Order could be taken and then would have to arrange delivery.

RobertaD 08-31-2005 01:45 PM

The 8th grade class in my DD2's school sells baked goods at lunch for several months during the school year to raise money for their trip to Washington DC.

The class could do an Avon fundraiser selling from the brochure with no mark ups to your family/friends/co-workers/teachers, etc. and they would earn 20-45% commission off their sales depending on what the Avon representative was giving them. Avon fundraisers are a little different because it is the representative doing the fundraiser and giving part of their commission to the group and not Avon Corp.


ajrsmom 08-31-2005 02:24 PM

I didnt realize that Avon did something like that. I will look into that more.

I love the idea of balloon bouquets! Adding that one to the list too.

I had forgotten all about the tubs of cookies. Andy never sold them but I bought some from other kids who were selling them and they came in quite handy. Nothing like fresh baked cookies. ;)

I hope that we get more ideas too!!

RobertaD 08-31-2005 02:52 PM

Not all Avon representatives do fundraisers so you might have to "shop around" for a representative in your area that does them. I work with three clubs in my town who say that the Avon fundraisers they do are the easiest ones. People know the products or at least have heard of the company so they know they are quality products that aren't overpriced.

I thought of another one that DD1's school does twice a year which is the "Care to Share" program through Bon-Ton/Elder-Beerman stores in Il, IN, KY, MI, OH, WI, and WV. The stores hold two Care to Share days (fall & spring) where the customer saves 10-30% off their purchases when they have bought a coupon booklet from a participating group. The coupon booklets cost $5 (the whole $5 goes to the group) and there is also three drawings for a $50 gift certificate in each store during the day. The group that sold the winning tickets also receives an extra $50 from the store.


Linda Lou 08-31-2005 11:38 PM

We held an auction. It was a lot of hard work, but we made a bunch of money. We had all kinds of things donated. I made some gift baskets up and they went well. We didn't take large appliances or furniture. We made it VERY clear we would not take junk !
It was a big success.

sharona 09-01-2005 10:03 AM

I was in charge of fundraising for our high school band. Most kids paid for their band dues of close to $1000.00 by fundraising.

Here are a few ideas. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Since I don't know what ages are involved I'll give you a few for all ages.

Christmas Wreath sales, the company we used also sold Christmas trees. It's all done prepaid - you just have to deliver.

Little Ceasars pizza kits. Awesome!

Cookie dough sales.

Car Washes

I have more, but I need to find my notes. Justin has been out of school for 5 years. LOL

ajrsmom 09-01-2005 10:54 AM

Hi Sharona :wave2:

My son's school in Pa. sold Christmas wreaths last year for $25.00. I thought that was a high price for a wreath. JMHO

My son's school goes from k-5, with him being 8 in Oct.

My neighbor told me that his school sold pies that were really good and I think that they profited well from that sale.

I would love to see any other ideas that you have. Thanks for sharing!


sharona 09-01-2005 11:42 AM

We did the wreathes for $15 each and made about $6 per.

Pies do well, as do cokes. Our local school does coke sales where you purchase a flat for a set amount, usually considerably less than you get in the store, and the kids make a set amount as well.

I am looking up all of my websites for you.

As with any fundraiser you have to look at as to the benefit to the organization, and manhours involved. It's helpful if you can do recurring fundraisers, like a spring and fall pizza sale. People look forward to them and most of the work is done after the first few.

Fundraising is hard work. Does your school/organization have a person in charge? If so, they get a lot of things from all sorts of fundraising companies, maybe you can help them go through them to find new things to try.

We've done lollipop sales where we have had a local merchant supply us with large lollipops, the mom's tied ribbons on them and they were sold for $1 each, all of the money coming back to the school/kid. We did this for many different reasons, but sold a ton at Valentine's day.

There is always a rock-a-thon, if you can get someplace like Wal-mart to match the donations you are in luck. You can even have local places provide goodie bags or even prize incentives. Radio stations love to get in on things like this.

Hope these help. I'll keep posting as I remember what we have done.


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