Kids and Concentration

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  • Yes, I agree that tv is a big problem too. It is hard because everyone is so busy all the time now that the tv is a easy way to keep our kids occupied while we are doing things. I know that is a horrible excuse. I really need to start limiting how much tv my dd's watch. I have a 8 year old dd too and she is not as social as my 6 year old. She is more shy and when I ask her to complete something she almost always does it without a problem. They all just have their unique little personalities!
  • I don't know what to do again. The standing over her can't be practiced any more as the school principal found out about it. Another parent sqealed and insisted she should be allowed to stay a bit londer if I could.
    I got a 'talk' from her saying it is against school rules. So we are back to giving her pep speaches and lectures at home before she goes to school and sit twiddling our thumbs.
    Her teacher tells me Mondays are the worst... she just plays with the glue/pencil/day dreams more on Mondays. After my Monday night lecture/taking away previleges etc etc (I don't know how long I can keep this up!) she is better from Tuesdays onwards...
    We do have an occasional 'bad' Thurdays...
    But I wish... before I go crazy!
  • Sunny_mom,
    I have a question. Is there any recreation programs in youe area such as gymnastics or swimming that your daugther could take part in or a group that has older kids in that she could solcialize with other than her school enviroment? Maybe if she was involved in something other than school. She could have the incentive to look forward to talking to the kids in that group and maybe stop wasting time during the day and get her work done without the distraction she has been showing school. This is just an idea I was thinking about. If you want to try it.
  • She does have dance class every Wednesday...but that's only once a week. She used to go swimming 3 days but with the weather changing we stopped that.
    I will try your idea even if it is just a play date with her friends in the evenings.