Field Trips

  • I am a room parent and will be chaperoning the 6th grade field trip this week.

    There were some people who were upset that the note from school said there was only room for the room parents on the bus.

    Field trips have become "mandatory attendance" for all parents, it seems like, not just the room moms! I don't mind helping to chaperone the trip, but my child is there to be with his class and to learn something as part of a class (hopefully that will be carried over into the classroom)--NOT to spend "quality time" with me. It has gotten to the point where the teacher sends off the child with the parent on the field trip and says, "Be back for the bus at 1:30."

    What do the rest of you think?
  • My son's school is just the opposite. I will be chaperoning, along with 3 other mothers and his teacher, this Thursday for their field trip to Barnes Noble and then to Quaker Steak and Lube to eat. As soon as we got the note, I asked his teacher if she needed more chaperones --She already had 3 and was looking for one more.

    I am hoping that he isnt put into my group of kids because I think that he will have more fun in another group. He is ok with me going along.

    Ive tried to be involved in everything that I can this year because I know next year will probably be more difficult for me to volunteer as much.