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UkFamily 11-25-2008 01:44 AM

A new website for UK parents...would be great to get some feedback!
Hello guys,

First of all, i can assure you that this is not a spam post, as I have secured permission from Amanda.

My name is Rachael and I am helping to get the word out about a new UK parenting site, called (unsurprisingly) UKFamily.

Now, because the site often deals with issue more directly related to UK parents and liftestyle, the site won't be directly relevent to the posters here.

But what I would like, is your opinions. If you were a UK mum or dad, would you find the site useful? Any parts of the site that you particularly like? Any that could be made better.

We want to make this site as popular in the UK as FamilyCorner is in the U.S, but to achieve this, we're looking for feedback from parents, as they will be the best critics of the site's usability.

The site is here:

Please let me know what you think, or PM me if you have any questions/queries/gripes.

Many thanks for your time,


barbszy 11-25-2008 05:10 AM

This is just to verify that Rachael did indeed ask Amanda for permission to post about her new website.

Thanks in advance for helping her with this project!

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