November is Adoption Awareness Month

  • I wanted to post something regarding adoption awareness month for two reasons.
    One I am adopted. I was adopted at 1 week old in 1960. I was born to a teen age mother and she stayed with her aunt and the dr. made the arrangments. My adoptive parents had lost a child to sugar diabetes at 2 years old in 1958. Their dr. notified them when he discovered my birth mother was looking for an adoptive family

    My daughter is adopted also. She was my foster child, born cocaine dependent. My first husband (he died of cancer when she was 3) and I fostered her for 2 years then adopted her when she was free. She is now 14 and a wonderful, beautiful, funny child. She has problems in school but none we cannot overcome. She is awesome at soccer, she breeds and shows rabbits, and is active in 4-H. She is a blessing from God that I thank Him for each and every day.

    Please consider opening your heart and home to a child, the blessings it brings you are awesome!
  • Bless your heart Miss Kitty. Adoption takes a very special individual to be able to parent someone else's child as their own. Similar to you, I am also an adoptee. The only difference is that we have not adopted human children over the years, we adopted cats (long story). We did have the chance once to foster-parent my GN, but we were in the upheaval of moving, and chose to not make her life anymore confusing than it already was for a two year-old.
    I have since been reunited with my B-F...some still K.I.T.
    Recently I met a young woman (she's bit older than I am) who read an article in a local paper about a BM looking for her A-BD. I have been assisting her in her questions about the letter /phone/in-person reunion. Somethings she could do and other things that should wait, and to let the BM share what she is ready to share. To journal all her feelings, thoughts, Q/A's, and experiences - the journals will help later on during the reflection and when the BM passes on. She thought I was weird and was uncertain of how honest I was being with her, until she returned to the place where she works and mentioned how long they had talked during their initial verbal meeting... she said she thought it was only about 45 minutes, but her BF said she was still on the phone we she left 90 minutes into the call.