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elenfest 12-03-2002 03:04 PM

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday December babies,
Happy birthday to you! :::

Here's wishing that each and every one of you have a day that's special and all my best for the next year! ^^


janet 12-03-2002 03:12 PM

Happy Birthday December Babies!
(sing to the tune, We wish you a Merry Xmas)

I wish you a happy birthday,

I wish you a happy birthday,

I wish you a happy birthday.....

And a Merry Xmas TOO!

Harriette 12-11-2002 02:52 AM

December birthdays
::: Happy birthday to all you December babies. Hopefully your birthdays do not get overlooked due to the rush and activities due to the upcoming Christmas holidays. If they do forget, put coal in that family members stockings as a reminder.

Hope your birthdays are filled with much love, cheer, happiness, laughter and good health - not only for the holidays but in the coming year.

Happy 9th b'day to my gs Austin on the 23rd and happy 2nd b'day to his brother Kyle on the 26th. (p.s. Kyle thinks thinks the tree is his).

Life is a present - be thankful.:heart:

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