What Birthday Year are you dreading?

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  • First off I want to send Happy Birthday wishes to everyone this past week. My son's is coming up Feb 5th and my son in laws Feb 11th.

    My question is:
    Has there been a birthday year such as 30, 40, or 50 that has bothered you because you were no longer in your 20's, 30's, 40's etc? My older sister fell apart and cried for a week when she turned 30. My girlfriend went around the bend when she turned 50. I'm 55 and I'm tickled pink every year. I'm beginning to think I'm a bit of an oddity because almost every woman or man I know gets all depressed over a certain birthdate (usually 40). My husband went into hiding on his 40th. Of course almost everyone that knows me is wondering when I'll grow up and act my age. I'm a bit of a Peter Pan. Am I all alone?
  • You are not alone

    I enjoy my birthdays, the only thing that happens to me is that once in a while, maybe every few months, I have this sudden realization that I am nolonger a teenager and all the things that I have wanted to do I haven't yet. It sends a fright through me, like I'm not going to get everything done that I wanted to.

    I'm still quite young yet, I'll be 35 in May, but I'm watching my kids get older fast and it can be scary sometimes!
  • Surprising but 40 doesn't scare me like 30 did! My little sister and I are planning to take a trip to Cancun this summer to celebrate my 40th in style! No kids, No husbands -just us!
  • Hmmm ...
    I can't say that I'm dreading any of them, really. I've never been one to "worry" about my age, or tell others I'm younger or older than I really am. It's never been a big deal to me. I know many people who think I'm strange because of that!

    Oh, well - to each his own!

    Kelly H.
  • Let me start off by wishing everyone a BELATED Happy Birthday....

    So far I have not minded any birthday. At this point I don't think 40 will be so bad. I am only 37 so I will let you all know as each year comes rolling around

    I always thought of birhtdays as just another day and year I am here on earth. You are only as old as you think and feel.

    If I start to worry, I will tell you :p

  • Happy Birthday to Everyone
    I have not had a Birthday bother me yet and do not intend to, life is what I make of it and so far I am doing alright. Everyone is happy abd healthy, my parents are still with us so life is good.
    Someone asked me how old I was just last week so I had to respond with a how old do I look? Stupid, stupid, stupid, what was I thinking? They were very nice and said 37
    It seems I don't act 47 but then I was never told 47 was old and I still think I'll be giving grief at 87.
    Now who would want to be a teenager again, I wouldn't wear those clothes even if I could. Didn't we live through that in the 70's
    They say hindsight is 20/20 but there is not allot of things I would change other than to save money when I was younger and do better in school( why does X=Y) never got that
    I gave my dh a 50th surprise party in March so I have a couple years to pack my suitcases because come my 50th I am out of here, he never forgets anything
  • I was dreading the big 3-0 but it came and went last year with no big changes or surprises. My son (age 7) loves to tell everyone that his Mom is 30 and he can't believe that I was alive during the 80's LOL!!!!
    I have my next birthday coming up in March and I will have no qualms about it!
  • I enjoy my B-days and I hope to enjoy my 4 - 0 B-day next month!
  • Birthdays
    So far my 65th Birthday really got to me. Guess because now I am on Medicare. Do not feel as good,maybe it is the summer heat. Started with a new doctor that accepts Medicare Patients & supplement insurance. So now I am getting checked from head to toe. If they don't find something I will feel younger. Like they say age is all in the mind. Sueanne


  • Each decade birthday is a little tough, but when you consider the alternative to having birthdays, none of them are so bad! I was 57 last week. Age is just a number. I feel (and act) about 35.