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Hee hee Ah, a never ending battle!!

I am constantly battling mine, too. Now only one is left that likes to get out and she's getting older. At my first house, I had diggers and jumpers. I put railroad ties all along the fence line on the OUTSIDE. (after years of trying other things) That stopped the diggers. {Putting things on the outside of the fence works better because they dig (pull) but don't realize how to push} Ran an electric fence along the top and that stopped all but one jumper. At the second house, still had one digger and one jumper. Ran electric fence along the bottom but there were too many trees to run it all the way around, top and bottom. I even put a second fence ON TOP of the first one. I swear it looked like a prison yard! They'd still find ways out and I just kept patching. OH! You can also tie (using haystring, but it isn't a very pretty thing) landscaping logs to the bottom of the fence. When we moved to this house, (this is over 16 years!!!) I had to let the jumper go. He was killing smaller critters and getting me into big trouble. (cats, chickens...) Still have the digger but as I said, she's getting older. She's 9, but in tip top physical condition. She's gotten out here a few times. And naturally, when one gets out, the others have to go too. Except her mom. She's 10, not in tip top shape and blinding. Being as this fence was 'virgin', I've patched with landscaping bricks left over from my old house. But last year I bought some chicken wire and meant to put it down before the grass popped up. Unfortunately, we went from freezing temps to 80's and the grass is high and the fence is still rolled up. lol But, what works is to tie (I use the wire ties you can get from hardware and more stores) the top half of the chicken wire to the fence on the inside. Being sure to get the bottom tight to the fence. Crease the chicken wire so that now you have and L shape and secure the bottom part that's on the ground with stakes. (You can also get small ones at the same store) If you get it done in time, and the grass comes up though it, it will help secure it to the ground. If you have all kinds of money, time and physical ability, you could either dig a shallow bit and actually bury the fence, or put top soil over it and hope it secures before they start working on it. If you can wear them out everyday (through a walk or play) it will help keep them in. They just need to release all that energy. But unless you have a way to mush (won't go into all my ideas I've had for that) you'd be hard pressed to wear an Husky out! My battle has been with Great Danes and mutts. Good luck. I'll see ya in the yard! lol
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