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This is not starter for a debate, but just my personal story.
I am an elementary teacher- something I have wanted to do since I was two. I love my job (well, on the days I get to really teach!) I worked hard to earn my degree and National Board status. I have two beautiful children- DD is 5 (and going to school with me this year ) and DS is 5 months. I have been criticized by family members and some friends who believe "all mothers should stay at home". I have been really hurt by many comments about this. I have really come to terms about my decision and I don't feel any guilt about working. Personally, we are not in standing for me to be able to stay home, but I do get to have the best of both worlds. I get summers, holidays, weekends, nights, etc. off. As far as "someone else raising my kids" theory, my husband and I are doing a great job at that. WE spend all of our time with them- playing, learning, etc. It is so refreshing to come home or to pick them up from the sitter and see how much they have missed me too. I don't feel frustrated about my day when I see them. Now, if I have had problems with finding wonderful sitters or day care- things might be different. We have been pretty lucky. No matter what situation you have in your home- working outside the home or inside the home- WE should all feel lucky that we have been blessed with these children. As a teacher, I do see neglected children with parents who work and parents who don't work. Neither situation is better than the other. The grass isn't always greener on the other side- and both sides still have to be mowed.
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