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FaceBook and your kids
How many members here have kids who have FaceBook accounts? I'd really like your opinions about this subject.

Here's what I'd like to know:

1. How old was your child when you ok'd this? My youngest was 14.

2. Did you OK them to set it up or did they go ahead and do it own their own? We did it together
3. Do you have access to their FaceBook pages? Do you know their passwords and other "private" info.? YES to all

4. Do you have rules in your house about using FaceBook? If so, can you give me an overview of the rules? The kids didn't use their hometown for address. They are never to give there cell # or address out. The facebook is marked private. They never are allowed to except people they don't know. They are to come to us if there is a problem with this.

We did MYSPACE before Facebook. I am friends with all my kids on both sites. I go up daily and read what is going on. Even now when my kids are ages 17 thru 27. I still look. My kids are all friends with my sisters and there families. So we all keep an eye on everyone together as team.
Have a wonderful day.

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