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A casual wedding how nice! It brings back memories from my own. My DH and I had a Open house reception at our house. Since this was the second marriage for the both of us.

We were married by the Justice of the Peace, then came home and got ready for eveyone to come over. We had the usual finger foods and drinks (both alcholic and Non-alcholic) and a wedding cake.

For the most part, I did everything by myself. About the same as you would do for any get together. I kept everything simple and prepared the food everthing in advance. The extras where waiting in the fridge to be warmed or replaced as needed.

In itself for my DH's new suit, my new dress and one for my daughter, the decorations, flowers (I barrowed mine from my sister, she had a silk arrangement) -fresh arrangements for the house, and the food, we brought the wedding in for $800. With the majority going to clothing and flowers.

I felt that the wedding was for us, not to feed the masses. I know that comes off sounding harsh, but it was so nice not to be stressing over the things I did with my first wedding. My parents kept asking if they could help financially, but I told them this is what I want and it was nice not to be in debt over it.

Good luck on your special day!
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