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Casual Wedding Ideas

I think a great way to include children (especially girls) is to have them sprinkle flower petals or even small stemmed flowers ahead of you. For a casual wedding this is also a beautiful way to add more flowers without going overboard with pricey bouquets.

At my wedding instead of the traditional maid(tron) of honor and best man, my mother stood next to me and my husbands dad stood next to them. If parents aren't around anymore a close older relative or family friend that felt like a parent is a wonderful substitute for mom or dad. It solves hurting feelings of any friends.

Also, instead of a professional cameraman at our reception, we put out disposible(excuse my spelling)cameras and had guests take pictures. We got fabulous casual shots of a casual reception with everyone having fun and none of that fake smiling you get when people see the cameraman coming. Plus with all the extra pictures. I sent photos to the guests. Most didn't even know they were being photgraphed and were delighted to have a memory photo of that night.
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