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apple bundt cake has an apple bundt cake recipe that is divine with cream cheese frosting!! I haven't tried freezing this cake (always gone too quick), but I bet it would make a great addition to a Christmas baked goodie plate to throw in several slices or even half a bundt--I would think waiting till thawed to frost would be the wiser option...but never tried at all so not positive.

Speaking of apple pies....measure your spices as heaping spoonfuls and refrigerate the assembled pie overnight before baking. I happened upon this accidentally when I could only get one of the two pies baked the night I created them. Both pies were eaten by the same people and though the first was fabulous, the second was above and beyond that. *grin*

You could probably throw chopped apples into cinnamon rolls; make applesauce--or applebutter; apple-glazed pork chops; apple muffins....
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