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Hi Tree,
I took your advice this month and bought what was on sale instead of making a menu before hand. I did'nt quite get my budget down to 250, but I got it down to 300! That's a start!
If I could just take one paycheck and just buy meats to stock in the freezer (we don't have a deep freeze but we do have a second refrigerater in the garage)...that would help.

I bought fish to fry, a pot roast (I had mentioned on another thread that even tho our temps have been over 100 I have been in the mood for a winter meal of potroast, green beans, mashed potatoes and pumpkin that is what we are having this weekend, minus the pie. I figure I can wait a few more months for that!!)
Also bought hamburger to make a meatloaf, premade chicken enchiladas, Swansons pot pies, premade chicken egg rolls and taquitos...and then all the stuff for packing my lunch for work...bread, lunchmeat, fruit, etc,...cereal, juice, eggs, milk, cookies, cake and muffin mixes...
My goodness, it all adds up but if I don't spend the 50 I saved in the next week maybe I can use that to get some meat for the freezer in the garage!
But Tree, your grocery bill is WAY LOWER than mine and you are shopping for a family of 5. I don't know HOW you do it but I am going to keep reading whatever you write for inspiration!
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