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Two comments...

One, IMO, pull-ups make messes more comfy for the child, whereas cloth (diapers or underwear) are more unpleasant. This is true of wetness or poop. If it doesn't feel good, the child is less likely to want to live with it.

My daughter (now 20) was in a home daycare situation and I was very impressed with the way the woman potty trained the kids. Every few hours, she'd line them up and one after another, they went potty. It was an unspoken peer-pressure thingie, it was What You Do.

When I was a preschool teacher, my school had a rule that all 3-y/o's had to be potty-trained, and if they weren't, they had to stay in the 2-y/o class till they were potty-trained. (The 3/4 class went on field trips, so it was truly a necessity) Two of the children REALLY wanted to "move up" to the 3s but they were adamant about staying in diapers. Both were girls, BTW. Soon as all the other children "graduated" and she was left behind, Kimberly decided it was time for her, too. She self-trained over the weekend and announced on Monday, I'm potty-trained, I can go to Miss Rani's class now!" And that was that. Becky had other issues, took her another 6 mo. before she was ready. Interestingly, she was also not emotionally ready for the older class till then, either.

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