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Ditto for me too

I furnished dd's & ds's college apt.s from garage sales and hand me down furnishings and supplies. I had begun to save things that I might sold in my own garage sales about 2-3 yrs. before the fact (blankets, worn out towels-good enough to clean with- odd pots and pans and kitchen things...etc.) and also started watching the g.sales. They have all that they need, cute decor stuff, some unusual furnishings (like a handcrafted armoire by a Santa Fe furniture artist) and it didn't send us to the poor house. Now I'm doing the same for dd#2 and we've gotten some of dd#1's stuff back as she is gamefully employed and has bought some new furniture of her own....! It's alot of fun to furnish an apt. on a shoestring...or I think so anyway.
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