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I'm new to this forum, but I have some tips - mind you they may not be for everyone!!!
I make my own laundry soap - it's easy and CHEAP!! Also, wash out baggies (that didn't have raw meat in them). Only shop at thrifts and garage sales - I got a pair of new Birkenstock sandals for me last week for $2 at a garage sale!! Grocery store is only a mile away, and if I need just a few items, I walk. The walk doesn't hurt my thighs any either!! DD's are moving into an apartment on campus, and we've furnished it completely with garage sale items. We've learned to "wait" on purchases if we can, we know we'll find it sooner or later! We drive our cars at least 10 years. We have one that's 12 years old and still going strong. Refill water bottles, don't turn on the air conditioning until at least June 1st, (we're in Atlanta), keep the heat down in the winter, we just layer clothing. DH takes all left overs to work in a microwave container (from garage sales), so there's no waste and no expensive lunches. Read the newspaper on line, the garage sales are posted every week loud and clear. Use coupons when possible. Funny story though - DD was upset with me because I wouldn't buy her a mop and a new bucket for her apartment - I thoroughly clean the bathroom (including the toilet, and then pour a bit of amonia (sp?) into the toilet and use a rag to wash the floor on my hands and knees. She was insulted!! She knows my stock answer, however, "Whatever YOU can afford honey". (By the way, SHE bought a bucket and mop for herself.) Oh well!!!
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