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Today is the day ladies! Here we go! Minny, can you please be our official cheerleader?? You are so kind, helpful & supportive.

EDIT: The docs scale said I am 2 and 1/4 lbs. from my goal. (I feel it needs to be said I lost the bulk of my weight last summer with the help of the gals on the Starting a Fitness Routine thread, and it was very helpful.
Thank you again ladies.....) This checking in and having to report each week is very helpful for me.

I stopped at the market and got lots of healthy dinner "stuff" and F & V's for my folks and I. We are having baked salmon and NO carbs tonite! (I bake my fish in white wine, a small dab of butter, capers and loads of veggies). I just had my green apple and hummus for my snack. Nummy!

I am looking forward to lots of posts here today!


PS - Tomorrow starts me back at the gym. I think I told ya'll I got the green lite. Thank goodness. Been 2 months I think?
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