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chuckle I didn't get lost!

I was just checking various forums, when I came to this again, and wanted to say I did not forget about pictures of houses. Ever since joining FC, I have not found time to do any painting, although I did try one time last October.

I became so interested in all FC has to offer, I ended up putting all the paints, and houses away again. I just couldn't find time to do both at the same time, and the snaps I took did not turn out well enough to send to anyone.

The flash of my camera goes off with each picture, and it made too much light. No matter what I tried, all snaps came out too light to see any details. I'll try another way sometime, but so far I have umpteen snaps which all came out the same way--too light.

At the present time I am painting rooms in our house, and even gardening is taking a back seat until I finish.~~~Poor yard!!

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