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My ex has always seen our children and paid childsupport. He was made to be a part time father. My kids have seen it thru the years. Now as young adults they have the choose to be his friend or not. It isn't up to me any more. I did my part.

My stepson's real mother has never been involved. I have know the kids sense he was 13 yrs old. Now at 27 he has seen his mother 3 times. 1 time was just a few months ago. She was order to pay $5 a week for child support when he was 2 yrs old. She never paid a penny. My dh never went after her for it. He said it wasn't worth it. This poor boy all these years wanted to see his mother and had this imaginary image of his mother. I don't think she ever lived up to his image. The lady had 4 children and never raised any of them past the age of 6. My stepson is the oldest of her children and he was under 2 when she left him in the house alone and never came back. My dh did a great job with raising him alone for years.

Both my dil's are from divorced families. Neither on of them have a real relationship with there other parent. My dil doesn't talk to her mother at all. My future dil only sees her father on occasions. Sad that these people are missing out on a child's life. It is funny that with our family it is mom's as well as dad's.
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