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It really sucks going through a those hoops just to get child support. I think a lot of times the absent parents think that they aren't hurting anyone. Well think again! Buying affection isn't the same as being there day in and day out. It might not be immediately recognized by the child(ren) involved, but eventually they do see it.

I wish more business would be more understanding when it came to employees taking off to go to court, don't know if this could be an amendment to the Family Leave Act.

The main thing is not to abuse it. If I can prove I have to be in court, my boss is understanding, but not everyone is like that. I don't know one child that asked to be born, so step up deliquent and non payment parents. You brought them into this world, it is your responsiblity to take care of them.

I DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR MY STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT TAKING CARE OF OUR KIDS. My ex makes sure his new family is well taken care of....something he never did with the daughter we had together.
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