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I knew a guy who sent his child support check in every month. The post office lost it one month. They came, arrested him at work, and revoked his license. He was immediately able to prove he sent it off when he was required to with the tracking information and check, but the damage was already done. He lost his job and it was a pain to get his driver's license back. This was over child support that was only 1 day late. Sheesh.

It does seem that these parents can't afford to pay child support but seem to be able to bring plenty of gifts and candy when they visit the children.

We were up most of the night with DGS crying in pain because of his tooth hurting. I was irritated because after 7 months, the parents should have it together enough to be able to take this child to the doctor. The reason he has so many fillings and caps is because of neglect. He had surgery on his teeth in September, due to neglect. Now, I am in a situation in which I could lose my job if I take off and DH can take off as he's been with his company for 27 years, but he lives 7 hours away. When I said that I could lose my job because I have already take off once for court and I will be taking off again for the trial. It would jeapardize my job if I took off. My DH asked what divorced parents do in this situation. I said they end up having to quit a good paying job with benefits and take 2-3 lower paying jobs to support their children so they can take off for doctor's appointments. It really irks me because this is such a great paying job and I really need it. I'd hate to lose it and have to take a couple of minimum wage jobs. DH is going to see if he can get someone to cover for him and take off from OK to come to TX to take the little man to the dentist.
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