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Originally Posted by ajrsmom
Pa. seems to play favorites when it comes to who they will arrest and take their tax money.
I agree with that. It seems if the person gets some kind of wealthfare or child care help the counties are harder on the other parent not paying the child support. I see it happen all the time at work. The parents that make better money and get no help from the county or state have no help getting child support. Philadelphia is the worse in our area. The one man in our office always has had his money deducted from his pay check. Somebody in our office mess up his check going to the city. They almost came and got him. Our CEO had to call the city and get straighten out. They dropped the bench warnit.

I am very lucky my ex has always paid his child support. He weals and deals with me to get it as low as I will let him. But it has always been deducted from his pay. He has worked at the same company for ever. He has complained about how much he pays to the kids. They always tell me what he says. Now that they are older (17 yrs old and above). They see he isn't hurting and he has all the update and new stuff. He is the one that bought dd #1 a 32inch flatscreen tv for Christmas this year for her dorm. She told him not to buy one. I was standing there when she told him. He has bought all the kids laptops, etc. I am glad he has bought them all this. It saves me money.

One time he brought it up infront of the judge that he spends all this money on the kids besides child support. The judge laughed and asked me what I buy the kids besides a roof over their heads, food, clothing, gas to drive them around, school supplies, etc. The judge was not playing dh's game. He wanted to have his child support lowered becuase he spends money on the kids for other things. It didn't surprise me one bit.

Being a parent is hard no matter what life throws at you.
Have a wonderful day.

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